Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Have to add one more thing I LOVE!

C has started to aim for puddles. Any puddle she can find. We have to go out of our way, she gets so excited saying "WATER" and then splash, splash stomping as hard as she can for the biggest splash. She then has to point to her shoes and way "wet".

Not sure which I love more, seeing her splashing in the puddle or hearing her talking and saying water AND wet!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Things I love!

I was watching C the other day and thinking about the things I love. The things that to me are the simple joys in life.

1. I love seeing kids, especially mine, in footie fleece jammies.

2. I love watching my belly now popping and jumping all over the place. It just amazes me and makes me feel so blessed that I have been given this change to create another human being.

3. I love waking C in the morning. Stroking her cheeks with her hair over her eyes and that sleepy little smile and the morning whisper of "bus". (her favorite thing now is to ride the bus)

4. I love having C say nite daddy and hold my hand to walk in and brush her teeth before bed. Then her sitting on her bed with her hands together while we say prayers... it's just too sweet.

5. I love that we have lots of wonderful family and friends in addition to all of my online friends.

6. I love to come in from work and have C run up and hug my leg saying "Hi mama!"

7. I love watching C dance. The girl just lives for music!

8. I love having a little girl that likes to wear her dance skirt and black boots with her pajamas.

9. I love C's voice. (when it's not being used for a full blown tantrum)

10. I love that Ben and Jerry's now has a light version or Phish Food ice cream that tastes just like the original version. (see, they weren't all about C)