Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's been a while. I was going through some old files and found this that I recently sent to the White House. Don't get me wrong, I like Obama and wouldn't want his job for ANYTHING but I am tired of us being picked on...

I live in the Detroit area. Growing up, my dad worked for an automove supplier so the domestic auto industry raised us. My husband also works for an automove supplier and so our life is paid for by the auto industry. I am very much devoted to the US car industry and I am just tired of them being dumped on all of the time. Rahm Emanuel's recent comments about GM have really ticked me off and I just feel like I need to say something.

I agree, the health care part of the big 3 is out of hand. Yes, the automotive has probably made their fare share of business mistakes. Can we please look at the number of industries that have done the same? Can we look at the banking industry? Can we pick on someone else for a change for doing just what the auto industry did? Can we stop this double standard that treats the auto industry as a second class citizen?

Emanuel also comments on GM pushing the gas guzzling cars. Well, Mr. Emanuel, that is what people wanted. That is what they were buying. Had it not been for a spike in gas prices, that is what they would probably still be buying. Instead the market made a quick turn to smaller, more fuel effecient cars. Here are a couple of things to consider.

Of the top 10 gas guzzlers, only 1 is a US car and it is a Jeep product.

If you have 3 small children, the choice of vehicles is very limited. We bought a minivan recently because we had wanted to have a third child and needed a car that could accomodate 3 car seats. Do you know how many cars can do that? Well, frankly, we didn't find a single car that could. The only vehicles that could were mini vans and SUV's. A smart car can't really fit 3 5-point harnessed seats in the backseat.

At the Inagural parade, the number of gas guzzling SUV's was amazing! Of course, I was proud to see all of the domestic cars, but holy cow, you are telling me that the police couldn't drive regular cars? So, the police and government are ok driving these gas guzzlers but the everyday person should not?

The large vehicle market made a very quick turn. Do you really have any idea what it takes to come up with a new vehicle. There is the design and engineering. This is for every single component of the vehicle. A prototype needs to be built and tested. That means that every part, every wire, every wiring harness, sticker, piston, etc. needs to be produced. The vehicle is then hand built and then tested for safety, driving, to see if all of the components work. Then, when the car is approved, the plants need to reconfugure the whole line. Every aspect needs to be changed. The large jaws that grab the frame of the car, you can't just take the one that was picking up and Escalade frame and use it to just pick up a teeny tiny car frame. Every supplier needs to manufacture the parts they are producing for the car, etc. My point is, they can't just switch from what everyone was demanding one week and make a 180 turn the next week.

I appreciate the aid you are loaning to the auto companies (and can we also make a larger note of the fact that these are LOANS, not handouts like the banking industry) but wish that the big 3 could get a little more respect instead of always being the kid on the playground with the glasses and funny hair that everyone feels they can just pick on. That kid means a lot to us and has taken good care of Detroit, Michigan and the US for a long time! That kid deserves some respect.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve one year later

Here is my post about last Christmas Eve...

Back when I was expecting J and it appeared she would be born early, I just kept saying that I hoped the baby would be born by December 21 or after Christmas so that I could be home for Christmas morning with C. Well, since my girls are very strong willed and have minds of their own, I should have known. Sure enough J was born on December 22nd.

I was very sad about not being able to be home. I had planned ahead just in case and I had C's Christmas Eve and Christmas outfits all set out and coordinated so that daddy could dress her nice and cute without having Geranimal tags to lead him along. Little did I know...

Christmas Eve came. My dr. came in and asked me if I wanted to go home. I told him I wanted to do what was best. My dr. said he really would rather I stayed in the hospital one more day and left on Christmas. By then I had come to the conclusion that Christmas morning for C was like every other morning and we could just as easily celebrate our family Christmas morning on the 26th or any other day for that matter.

Everyone was busy planning their day. My parents picked up C and my mom got her dressed guaranteeing that her hair was combed and she wasn't wearing her striped tights with her plaid dress. They took her to church and dropped her off at home so that she and her dad could go and celebrate with his family. (They always celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve) My parents did decide to make a quick stop by the hospital because they felt bad that we had no visitors that day. Honestly, it was such a nice day for us. (not that I didn't appreciate the visit)

Christmas Eve Night of 2007 will always be my favorite. I don't think I can ever top it. I didn't have to unwrap gifts, I didn't have to stay up late for church and to play Santa... Instead I just laid in my hospital bed enjoying holding my little Christmas miracle. The drs. had discharged as many patients as the could so the hospital was very quiet and the nurses were all so relaxed and didn't even come in the room all that often. I ordered from the special Christmas Eve menu and had chicken, mashed potatoes and chocolate cake. It was not the gourmet meal that my husband and C were eating (in laws are wonderful cooks) but the peacefulness and joy of that night are something I will never get to experience again and one that none of my family were lucky enough to enjoy. Every Christmas Eve, I know I will remember back to that night and how perfect it was.

Just after midnight I kissed my new little being, and wished her a Merry First Christmas.

This year it was so great to remember back to that Christmas Eve. Once again, J was very cuddly so I was snuggling her in bed and she again asleep in my arms. Just like last year, I kissed her good night right after midnight and wished her a Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


So, I received an e-mail asking if we would be willing to be the holy family for our church at the 4:30 Christmas Eve service. The woman explained that they really were in a pinch and needing someone. She pointed out that C would be up in choir loft so she would be a cute little addition to our holy display.

My first thought was lauging and thinking, HELL NO!!! (not a good response due to the nature of the question but I was laughing as I was thinking of it) After thought, my response back was...

I am flattered that you considered us for the holy family. Here is the scenario that I see playing out...

The husband would NEVER go for that so we would need a substitute. My 43 year old self and my brother just seem like a "wrong" choice on so many counts. Age, the brother/sister thing, etc. Next, J is walking now and let me tell you, that girl ONLY wants to walk and she wants to do it all the time. She is and always has been a total party girl. All those people staring, well, she would want to put on a show, walk all over the place. Everything an hour old holy child would NOT be doing. C being up front, well, that would only result in C yelling at J, "no baby, no", "no, no, no!". The peaceful vision of the holy family, well, that is FAR, FAR from my family. As it turned out, J starting a high pitch wailing as soon as Silent Night started and she had to be taken out, C was crawling all over th choir loft and my husband looked like he wanted to just go home and watch Judge Judy.

Yes, I know my family well, and we are far from the Holy family!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Tis the season (for too much stuff)

Toys, Toys, Toys!!! I am tired of toys. My kids do not have a crazy number of toys yet still, it seems like they are everywhere.

On one of my boards I posted on, someone had a great idea that we are going to adopt. 3 gifts per child. That's it. Those 3 gifts represent the 3 gifts the wisemen took to baby Jesus. I think that is a great idea. They don't get so much stuff and there is meaning to the amount of gifts they do get. Obviously, they will get stuff from Grandmas and Grandpas and aunts and uncles, but the gifts from Santa, mom and dad and sisters will be limited to 3.

If nothing else, I think the state of the economy is somewhat because of greed. People wanted so much stuff and they bought it with money they didn't have because they just wanted it and felt they always needed more.

I am also hoping to teach about giving starting this year. I asked dh what he wanted for Christmas and he said nothing. That he doesn't want to spend the money right now. I explained to him that C needs to start learning about giving. What would he need to buy himself over the next month or so. Underwear, socks, windshield fluid? Anything? It didn't matter what it was, I just want C to learn that we give gifts too. I just wanted her to have something to give to her daddy. He did finally give in and he will be getting a shirt which is way more exciting then windshield fluid.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Think it won't impact you?

So, yes, the auto industry has not been the greatest as far as business goes. They have been slow to change, pay and benefits have been crazy. I know, I have thought the same things but now we are in a crisis. I know a lot of people who feel this will not impact them. These are mostly people outside of Detroit and Michigan. Well... read this!

"Detroit's car makers employ nearly a quarter-million workers, and more than 730,000 other workers produce materials and parts that go into cars. If just one of the automakers declared bankruptcy, some estimates put U.S. job losses next year as high as 2.5 million."

That is if only ONE declares bankruptcy. Do the math. The potential for all 3 could be 7.5 million jobs!

It will impact you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I just don't understand...

I know there was a historic election and I am personally very happy with the outcome. Today though can't erase the sadness from Monday.

I got information last week that the 17 year old son of my favorite buyer at my old job had died. It was not an illness and obviously a shock. The funeral was yesterday.

I have for a long time questioned my faith/religion and things like this make me question it that much more. Someone one pointed out something to me and I think I had a bit of a revelation. Faith and religion do not have to go hand in hand and are really not even the same. I do consider myself a person with a lot of faith. If I did not have faith, I would not have my beautiful girls. Even with miscarriage after miscarriage, I did have faith that we could finally have a child and then that we could have two.

I have tried hard to be "religious" but I guess I just don't believe in a true God. I do take my girls to church and C is in the church choir so we sing about God. Fact is, I don't want my lack of belief in a God to influence my girls thoughts one day. I want to expose them to church and then let them decide where to go with their faith/religion one day.

This funeral yesterday just seemed to really do it for me. I just think, if there is a God, how very cruel to take away a 17 year old son. Yes, the priest said that he is now with God, his father. Well, I want him with my friend, his father here on earth (along with his mother and 2 sisters) When I saw my friend and hugged him, I could just feel that heaving that your body does when you are trying to hold back the sobs that make you want to drop to your knees. It just killed me to know that someone was going through such pain. He just said "Dear God, let me just get through this." Maybe it's because I am a parent now, but I just can't imagine a loving God who would make someone go through that.

I know there is a lot of rambling here, I am just typing as thoughts come to my head.

I hear and see others who have such a strong belief in a God and I wish I could have that... for now, I will have to settle for having faith.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures speak louder then words...

Could I be more proud?

Yep, that's my girls. No it is not photoshopped, it's a real picture of them up in Time Square.