Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blogging? When?

Yes, I don't know when I will be finding time to blog. (not that I have been that great at it anyway) I am pleased to announce that our second child was born right before Christmas. C has a baby sister that she loves dearly! (for now)

I know lots of other moms with more kids then me who still manage to blog but I am hopefully changing jobs and will be a stay at home mom during the day. I know this will leave me MUCH busier then I was when I went to an outside job. Because of that, not sure when I will blog. I will need to learn how to get into a new routine of getting C off to school and then give both C and J (baby sister) the time and attention they need in addition to trying to keep the house clean and make a meal every now and then.

I am sure I'll be back occasionally, but I am so blessed so the trade off is FAR worth it!