Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm here... I'm here...

Laura is always good at reminding me that I need to post. Seems like lately with working, all my drs. appointments, having a rambunctious 3 year old, a house to try and keep clean, well, the blog is low man on the totem pole. My brain and fingers are usually just too tired!


C- She is doing FANTASTIC!!! She can count to 5 now (with a little prompting) and says short sentences. Of course tonight the sentence was "Go away Mom" with the hand wave to back off. She is big on "No, stop" with the hand in the air like Diana Ross singing "Stop in the Name of Love". I am mama when she is being all sweet, but more often I am MOM!!! She is a 38" tall 14 year old!!! She always wants to wear her black patent leather boots, likes to boss everyone around and has an overall attitude. Preschool is going great. She still loves the bus and I credit a lot of her speech to them doing such a great job working with her and telling us what to do at home as well. She is just growing up in leaps and bounds!

Pregnancy Update-
Due Date- January 16th
C-section Date- Most likely January 11 at the latest
Term- December 23
Mom's instinct is the baby will be here before Christmas

I am going x2 per week now. 2 non-stress tests a week, 1 fluid level check and 1 dr. visit crammed into those 2 days. I was found to again have low fluid. We aren't sure why but apparently my kids just like to wade in shallow water. I also pass my 3 hour glucose before Halloween. Well, at an ultrasound, the baby was found to be in the 97th percentile. That large size warranted a repeat of the 3 hour glucose and sure enough, didn't pass this time. We are just controlling it with diet changes and once a week blood testing. If all stays well there, we won't have to change that plan. Otherwise, feeling well (just tired) and loving the baby moving and bobbing around. We have decided on boy names but have not found anything we agree on for a girl name. Guess that means it will be a girl huh?

Well, I think that's all new here. Just getting ready for the holidays and for baby!

Here are a couple of pics of Miss C one brand 2 new belly shots. (it's a BIG belly!)