Friday, August 31, 2007

The test results are in!

We learned today that the results of the amnio show the baby has no genetic disorders. We are bery happy and relieved to go forward being able to relax and not worry about having that big surprise we had after Cs birth. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade C for anything in the world, but there is some comfort in knowing that we won't have to go through those early worries that we went through with C.

We will now have one girl with designer genes and one boy? / girl? with the regular style!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

An update...

Well, I did let it out here that C is going to be a big sister. I suppose I just can't leave people hanging so here is the latest.

Tuesday we went in for our big ultrasound and an amniocentesis. The decision to have the amnio was not an easy one and one I really didn't 100% decide on until the very moment. Unfortunately people assume you do an amnio to check for Down syndrome. Sadly, that is how the test is most often represented. That it is to test for chromosome/genetic disorders such as Down syndrome and Spina Bifida. Well, it test for over 400 different things. Because of our age risk and the surprise of C's Down syndrome, we decided to go ahead with the test. We want to know what we are dealing with and not have that huge shock that we had after C was born. So, that said...

The ultrasound went great. The baby was measuring right on target and all organs and features were easily seen, measured and checked out great. The baby was moving all over the place and of course, the announcement everyone wants most... It's a.................


Sorry, you have to wait until the big day to find out just like we will.

Now, for the amnio, the wait was the worst part. I was literaly nauseous that morning and when it came down to it, the test took only 1 minute. I really didn't even feel the needle (of course, I do give myself 2 shots in the abdomen every day) and it was done in no time. Came home that day and literally laid on the couch all day with only a few well needed trips to the rest room. From the couch, went right to bed and that was it. I was careful the next couple of days as well, being careful not to lift anything and just kind of take it easy. Luckily, we have appeared to get by with no complications at all.

To those of you who have gone through the journey of trying to conceive, you know the term 2ww (2 week wait) all too well. We have been in the 2ww many, many times but I think this is going to be by far the longest 2ww I have ever had. We expect results on the 31st of August at the earliest. Please cross your fingers for us and I'll post back the results when we get them.

So that's the latest on the pregnancy. Now C and the pregnancy. I don't think she really gets it all. She is very sweet and if I ask her to kiss the baby, she will kiss my belly and lay her head on it but I don't think she really "gets it" yet. One example, dh and I were sitting on the couch with her. I said, "C, give the baby a kiss" and she leaned over and kissed dh's belly. Um..., no, he doesn't not have 6 pack abs and since he appears to be having a sympathy profile belly, it was a riot and we both had to laugh. So, she may not get it now, but she sure will soon enough. :o)

Since I don't believe in doing a posting without a pic (cause we all know people don't care about the stories, we just like the pictures) so here is one from our weekend.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pet Peeve - A pet I do not like

Someone in a place I post asked about pet peeves and it made me put one in writing. (I won't bore you with the others)

I hate and get so annoyed when people say "C is doing so great?"

To most parent this would be something they would be happy to hear. What do I want to hear?

"C is doing so great!"
"C is doing so great?"

What is the difference. It's that tone in the end. It's not a true question mark as much as a tone of suprise. It's not a tone of expectation.

It make me feel that people have very low expectations of C. That they have very low expectations of people with Down syndrome. From this also comes the response that I heard from so many people when C was born. About how people with Down syndrome could have jobs. That they know of people with ds who work at McDonalds. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with someone working at McDonalds. Heck, if nobody works there, how would I quench my occasional pregnancy craving for an egg and cheese bagel. What I don't like it people assuming that that is the highest aspiration for her. Yes, if she wants to work there, she can. Of course, I also know of people with Down syndrome who work at University deparements, who are sign language interperters, at daycares... jobs I am guessing most people didn't see possible.

Yes, C is fantastic and she is doing great!!!!!! I say that with multiple exclimation points because I am happy that as my daughter, she is so smart, so sweet and so happy. I don't say it because I am surprised. She has been a big surprise since the moment she was conceived... her success is far from a surprise to me. I knew she had it in her all along.