Saturday, December 27, 2008


So, I received an e-mail asking if we would be willing to be the holy family for our church at the 4:30 Christmas Eve service. The woman explained that they really were in a pinch and needing someone. She pointed out that C would be up in choir loft so she would be a cute little addition to our holy display.

My first thought was lauging and thinking, HELL NO!!! (not a good response due to the nature of the question but I was laughing as I was thinking of it) After thought, my response back was...

I am flattered that you considered us for the holy family. Here is the scenario that I see playing out...

The husband would NEVER go for that so we would need a substitute. My 43 year old self and my brother just seem like a "wrong" choice on so many counts. Age, the brother/sister thing, etc. Next, J is walking now and let me tell you, that girl ONLY wants to walk and she wants to do it all the time. She is and always has been a total party girl. All those people staring, well, she would want to put on a show, walk all over the place. Everything an hour old holy child would NOT be doing. C being up front, well, that would only result in C yelling at J, "no baby, no", "no, no, no!". The peaceful vision of the holy family, well, that is FAR, FAR from my family. As it turned out, J starting a high pitch wailing as soon as Silent Night started and she had to be taken out, C was crawling all over th choir loft and my husband looked like he wanted to just go home and watch Judge Judy.

Yes, I know my family well, and we are far from the Holy family!

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